CHESS is different different than other companies. We care about you.

CHESS is different to most companies as we offer solutions that are focused on results. The greatest challenge in any environment is to first understand exactly how, where and when your energy is being used, and by what equipment and business processes.

By first understanding this energy profile, it then becomes easier to identify more intelligent ways of using less energy to produce the same or better results. Reducing energy costs is our mission.

At CHESS, we focus on solutions  that provide great payback periods, making use of different rebate programs and financing options to achieve this as quickly as possible.‚Äč

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Pay less for your energy

Solar finance products dramatically lower the upfront cost of going solar and eliminate the hassle for consumers of owning and maintaining a system. Because most homeowners today prefer to finance solar systems rather than pay for them up front, access to financing is increasingly critical to successfully selling and installing residential solar.

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Rebate Programs provide access to funds

Rebate Programs provide access to funds that have been made available specifically for energy projects and solutions. By ensuring that all the necessary criteria for the Rebate Program has been met, customers are able to receive refunds for investing in energy efficiency and power generation solutions. Accessing external rebates allows our customers to deploy energy solutions using less total capital than would be required. This results in a much quicker return on investment as well.

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Your Health is important to us

Most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air quality plays a greater role in the health of people who spend most of their time indoors: the very young, the elderly and those who are chronically ill. Air inside homes, offices, schools and other buildings can be more polluted than outdoor air because heating, cooling and ventilation systems are common sources of bacterial growth.

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